Home Birth Preparation

Pregnant women and their families choose to join a childbirth class for many reasons -

  • To feel more prepared

  • To have a safe and supportive circle in which to share this time in life

  • To decrease fear

  • To begin to create a parenting community,

  • Or simply because it can be fun.

This class holds space for ALL families, regardless of their make up, and we welcome LGBTQ+ families with open arms.

If you'd like to bring more of a home birth perspective to a planned hospital birth, then this class may also be for you.

This 5-week series is a facilitated conversation between pregnant women, their partners, the facilitators, and new parents who sat in this circle before their babies were born. The intention of the gathering is to learn, explore, and inspire in and around the topics listed below.


After the birth of your baby, we invite you to come back to the class to share your birth story, listen to your classmates' stories, strengthen the connections you made with the other new parents from your class, and receive continued support from your facilitators and peers.

Topics covered
  • Provide you with an in-depth understanding of the anatomy and physiology of labor and birth

  • Define the stages of labor and suggest comfort measures for each stage

  • Discuss midwifery-based strategies for tough spots in labor

  • Present the 4Ps model of labor progress to facilitate understanding of how decisions are made during childbirth

  • Explain why some planned home births transfer to the hospital

  • Discuss parenting philosophies

  • Provide practical information on life with the newly born, including baby wearing, diapering and  soothing

  • Discuss strategies and planning for the postpartum time

  • Discuss breastfeeding basics and resources

These topics are covered in a fluid and organic manner;  they are often interwoven into the stories told as inspired by our conversations. The facilitators will bring their knowledge and experiences to each evening - sometimes in a leading, knowledge-sharing style, but many times conversationally... as inspiration and need arise.

Schedule & Practical Details

Registration is open for TWO upcoming 5-week series:

For due dates March through May:

Thursdays from February 6 to March 5 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

For due dates June through August:

Thursdays from April 30 to May 28 from 6:30 to 8:30pm

Classes will be held at Bridget's home: 4029 Birch Ave. Madison, WI, 53711

Suggested Cost: $250 (includes pregnant person and partner)*

Sliding scale available for those who desire it - please email to initiate.

*Payment is due on the first day of class by cash or check. Because we have a finite number of spots in our class each session, refunds will not be given after the first day of class unless there are extenuating circumstances.

"I loved attending the home birth preparation class! It was the highlight of my week and I really looked forward to going. I left feeling happy and filled up. The community that was created there was a definite benefit I couldn't have gotten through reading books or watching videos. And I am still meeting up with, talking to, and getting support from the the other parents that we met in the class. I truly felt supported, held, and empowered by the group. Some of the content was really impactful in the way I viewed birthing, in what I discussed with my midwife, and the first weeks post-partum. Awesome experience". –Colleen

Knowledge ~ Community ~ Confidence

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