Britt Wanta, class facilitator

Britt is a mother, midwife, nurse, and educator who loves to make connections and tell stories. Currently, she is a member of the leadership team of the postpartum unit at Meriter Hospital, and assists and supports the amazing community of home birth midwives and their clients during births, and at other times too.

She has been involved in the Madison birth community since 2006, as an assistant to the wise home-birth midwives, a pregnant woman planning a home birth, and now as an educator, manager, and one fully engaged in all the permutations of this marvelous process.

Bridget LaGro, class facilitator
Bridget is the momma of one sweet boy, a nurse in the NICU at Meriter Hospital, and pursuing her Masters in nurse-midwifery. Her sub-specialty is caring for families experiencing a perinatal loss. This includes teaching nursing students and NICU nurses the important skills needed to care for families during these difficult times. 
Prior to becoming a nurse, Bridget was a birth doula and bereavement doula for 4+ years in the Madison area. And prior to that, she was a landscape architect practicing in the DC metro area, but that is a story for another time.

"With Britt's midwifery background and Bridget's experience as a NICU nurse, they created a warm community to explore what the future may hold with humor and curiosity. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a non-fear based look at the pregnancy and birth process". –Julie

Knowledge ~ Community ~ Confidence

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