Congratulations on your pregnancy!

"Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom."  ~Harriette Hartigan


Pregnancy and childbirth is a time of great vulnerability; new feelings and perceptions, and all kinds of seismic shifts. We loosen and rebuild in the ways we need to become mothers, fathers, families. During this time of loosening, we may lose our way  - on purpose, with purpose - to find a new way of being. We may find ourselves more directed or distracted, more energetic or peaceful - clarity coming in unexpected ways. We are many things during this time and not much of it predictable.

Choosing to have your baby at home is choosing to honor the wisdom of women's bodies; it is trusting the relationships that exist between you, your baby, your partner and your midwife. It will allow you to create an environment where you are encouraged to trust your instincts. Most importantly, you are choosing to be empowered by the power that is your baby's birth.

What is unique about Begin at Home birth preparation classes?

  • We offer the only birth preparation class in the Madison area that is specifically tailored to families planning a home birth.

  • Our class blends evidence-based practice with the deeply held belief that birth is an inherently safe and intuitive process.

  • Our classes are safe spaces for being in that shifting, liminal place; it is time we set aside to prepare for and ponder what is and what will be. They are practical, connecting, grounding, and loving spaces to support you and your family in this transforming life experience.


We have temporarily suspended in-person classes due to COVID-19.  We will get back to holding in-person classes as soon as we are able to do so safely.

"Britt and Bridget created a safe, comfortable environment to learn about home birth. We finished the course feeling informed and prepared to make decisions in our birth process and having a good understanding of the stages of birth. Britt and Bridget have so much knowledge to share and we're grateful we were able to soak up even a portion of it!" --Katie

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